Перевод песни DR – The American in Me

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Steeples of white, winds of change and fear
Flag’s on fire, something looming near
From shore to shore, from sea to shining sea
I am this land, maybe this land is me
Familiarity breeds contempt
My innocence, wondering where it went
You must defend what you think is yours
Sometimes I fight little dirty wars
It’s the American in me
Foxhole prayers, crucifixions burn
You can endure, that don’t mean you learn
I’m not even sure what is being done
Sometimes I wonder what will become
Of the American in me
Sometimes I look, I don’t want to see
It’s the American in me
Old men in dining cars of all-night trains
Looking out the windows at the small town names
They dream of days gone by with eyes soaked in reverie
And singing «My Country 'tis of Thee»
Sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong
Sometimes I go where I don’t belong
What’s liberty? The history books are stained
Sometimes I’m proud, sometimes I’m so ashamed
Of the American in me
Don’t mistake dissent for disloyalty
It’s the American in me
It’s the American in me
It’s the American in me
It’s the American in me