Перевод песни Barenaked Ladies – Give It Back To You

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I don’t care how long it takes
I will atone for my mistakes
I will hold your heart when it breaks, and give it back to you
I’ll give it back to you
Out of everyone
I should have known
How knots can come undone
I should have grown, but I was on the run
And the walls were crumbling, and I was tumbling
I should have just fell down
Instead of making such a hole in the ground
There’s no mistaking
I wear the crown
I’m the lord and master of this disaster
Anyone can walk on water just before they drown
Anyone can talk, but they’ve got their story upside down
Dust coats the floor
With every move we seem to find more
I’m out to prove that what we’re working for
Is worth defending, and all this mending