Перевод песни Joshua Mark Carrig – The Litany

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Once I was a mortal man
Now I traverse the realms beyond
The material plane is but a crossroads
The epicenter of a temporal abyss
Anchored by the webs of stasis
Made brittle through the ignorant years
At long last, I find passage
To elucidate with chaos and fear
Once among the mortals, I elected to ascend
To seek the truth and the answers
At whatever the cost or end
Now, beyond all sanity, I’ve come to realize
That the aegis of morality
Is just a seal of lies
Once abjured by the Great Ones, imprisoned and obscured
Now driven by an eldritch hunger
No longer interred…
There is no natural cycle; no afterlife awaits
The universe is ruled by mindless gods
And you shall see them… when we emerge from the gates