Перевод песни Jacob Bellens – Only for the Lonely

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Jaded and degraded from the times i’ve tried to make you listen
Tired from treadmills and routines
Hope lies in the hospital waiting for the staff decision
Will it be pills or surgery?
Only for the lonely will my heart beat in the night before me
Singing a song for the deranged
Moments will be passing but the times will be of truth and glory
Driven by a simple twist of fate
(Now) god only knows if the girl will live to see tomorrow
Or if in fact she is the one
Angels stand beside her as she’s swimming in a sea of sorrow
Singing we shall overcome
If prayer is the saviour and the cure for every superstition
So is the nature of belief
Church bells will be ringing and the birds fly in a free formation
Where they in the end will set us free