Перевод песни Anthony Cordisco, John Yelland – Blut Vom Himmel

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
In these days the fuse is burning
Slow decay of peacetime
To the south a beast of vengeance
Near to the east is the hungry wolf
I puff my pipe in the sunset and feel the warmth it provides
A chilling breeze like an omen of wintertime tells me we’re near the fall
This war of partition, like wolves at the slaughter
Ripping limb from limb in a frenzy
Flesh and bone pulled apart
You see the odds stacked against you, this time there’s no way out
Prussia’s rise to higher standing will fucking burn to a backwater state
No! As days go by, I feel the weight of man’s design
A plan to win, to keep our heads above the tide
To take it all one day at at time
Let there be light
Let there be nothing
To shield the blood from heaven
Es werde licht
Es werde nichts
Um das Blut vom Himmel abschirmen
For years we’ve suffered
For years we’ve sacrificed our sons and brothers to defend our very being
Nobody hears the cries of the common man who gives his life and suffers hell to
Fire! We will push on, through smoke and chaos swirling 'round our horses' feet
No! This can’t be right
We’ll guide the fight from safety here at this climax
And so they’re broken, but reunited
Shattering all that gave them hell, we’re fleeing on the run
Nothing for me, I plunge my sword into the ground and make a stand
Even if I die, I’ll fight alone
You see the masses, don’t lose your mind
We have to flee into the fray, into the womb of everything we love
Despite my loyalty and everything I’ve given
The battle’s lost and hope is fading like a dream
This is not a simple tale
-We are heavy hearted souls
When one speaks to you of death
-Our flesh is of the earth
Never trust the words they say
-Not just paintings on the wall
Lest you speak unto a soldier
-Not just stories that you hear
-And we stand naked, so exposed
Constant fire, never safe
-Bullets kill the men beside me
Valor here means just not running
-All is gray, I have to run
Quell your fears, we have to stand
-Keep formation, no matter what
Raise your muskets, unleash hell!
Madness thrives in empty hearts
I will overcome my grief and carry on
And fuel the furnace of hearts
Prussians all together as one
United underneath the flag you mended
Russians furious and still divided
Elizabeth soon will die in rotten linen
-Struggle in a storm to catch your breath
-Courage never goes unrewarded
Seven years we’ve fought and failed to win
-And seven more will come to pass if you don’t learn to yield
Never will Austria forget its pains
-Never will you forget the Iron Kingdom’s wrath
A soldier sacrifices for the common good his health and limbs, his strength and
He has the right to claim some benefits for those he fought and died for
His pains and screams, his blood and sweat
There is no higher price
As the raven flies
A tear into my eye
Weathered the storm and wait upon the dawn
To puff my pipe again and have another drink
Duality of man will be the wraith that haunts our race