Перевод песни Anthony Cordisco, John Yelland – Sea of Fire

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The sun sets on the field
And darkness is my shield
A bullet in my back, and shrapnel’s turned my ankle black
Every step I take advances forth my dying state
I hear their screams of agony; their tortured souls will soon be free
You’re struggling through the night
You’re searching for the light
You’re swimming in a sea of fire
Moonlight reflects the blood
The battle’s lost, not won
I’m swimming in a sea of fire
Crawling over corpses, I hear the thunder of their horses
Cossacks killing wounded men, I hear their pleas time and again
I’m on my journey through the dark, my pain and tears may not leave a mark
I see the campfires up ahead, I thought for sure that I’d be dead
A quest for safe haven, a quest to live again
I’m swimming through a sea of fire
Promise you will come back to me
Swear now, say you will agree
-Terror, I may never make it back
Moments that I live for all the while
Heartache, worth it just to see your smile
-I hear them coming, I fear they will attack
A hundred yards away, the Cossacks come your way
You’re fleeing from a sea of fire
They stop and then dismount
My time has now run out
I’m sinking in a sea of fire