Перевод песни Andy Martin, Bill House, Cody Dziuk, Michael Craig Brigham – And the Sun Ran Away With the Moon

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And as my thoughts drift towards the stars above
I can’t but wonder what could have been
Was once my love is now my long lost lust
To which I only visit now and then
Do you think that I’m a fool?
I’m only trying to keep it cool
And as we walk along this barrier
I dare not climb, it’s much too high
I take a stand to hear the other side
I take a seat to make a lonely sigh
Oh, can’t you see what I mean?
I fell for you and all between
In 10, 000 years, will they know your name?
We color the future with our past
Everything that begins must have an end
Oh, but that doesn’t mean it hast to last
Can’t you see that I am the fool?
And I only tried to keep it cool
And as we drift away, don’t sorrow
Just enjoy your sip of wine
You’re fine
Yes, you can walk before you run
But when you run, run far away
Oh, we may meet another day
Not on the day called today
And as we drift away, don’t follow
'Cause we don’t need the clouds of sorrow