Перевод песни Rick Moranis – Live Blogging The Himel Family Bris

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I’m live blogging Marky Himel’s bris
I just gave Marky Himel’s Uncle Manny a kiss
I’m posting, I’m hosting, I’m filing, I’m sharing
That Marky’s Uncle Manny smells a lot like herring
I’m live blogging the Himel family bris
The mohel just avoided getting hit with Marky’s piss
There’s laughter, there’s joy, there’s loving and caring
How does this guy do it while everyone is staring
I’m live blogging
L’chaim blogging
Wasn’t Rashi just a blog?
The mohel is bandaging Marky Himel’s hog
I’m trying to grab a photo to put in on my blog
I’m transferring a sound file of Marky Himel screaming
It’s drowning out the sound of the chafing dishes steaming
There’s blintzes and bialys and cream cheese with chives
The mohel’s stuff is separate from the plastic forks and knives
There’s coffee and babka, a frozen chocolate log
I’m fressing with one hand so I can live blog
I’m live blogging
Hot diggity dogging
Wasn’t the Talmud just a blog?
I’m upstairs now and going through some drawers
It looks like Michael Himel’s been stealing from the stores
No wonder he paid cash for that monstrosity in Quogue
I’m scanning all the evidence, it’s right there on my blog
Look at these prescriptions, the Himels are depressed
No wonder Shelley Himel’s in at least a 14 dress
Not a single guest towel, the whole place has a stink
I’ll send a thank you email with a Bed and Bath link
I’m live blogging
L’chaim blogging
Wasn’t the Mishna just a blog?
I’m live blogging, a virtual addiction
Most of it is true but more of it is fiction
I’m aggregating, permalinking, tagging what I can
I loaded up on pâté but I think it’s really spam
I’m live blogging the Himel family bris
Their simchas have a record of being hit and miss
I’ll take a doggie bag even though I’ve got no dog
I got the recipe for Shelley’s frozen chocolate log
The recipe’s available by clicking on my blog
You can even taste the chocolate log by licking on my blog
Be careful if your tongue winds up sticking to my blog
I’m live blogging
L’chaim blogging
Everybody blog