Перевод песни Rick Moranis – Asian Confusion

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Let’s order in like we do every week
We can eat everything from containers
Speed dial five, I thank God I’m alive
It’s an Erev Monday morning no-brainer
Let’s order in from the regular place
It will be here in less than half an hour
How 'bout we get all the usual things
You are wonton, I’m always hot and sour
Sunday night Chinese food
Everything is greasy good
Don’t worry God is in Church all day today
Once a week is understood
I can’t believe it is already here
Maybe they’re not that busy, wonder why
I’ll get some cash, get the door, what’s the tip
Is he new or the usual guy
Sunday night Chinese food
Ending the week a perfect way
It’s the only thing Chinese that God likes to make
Right here in the USA
What is this dish, looks like squid in its ink
Lobster sauce, jumbo shrimp, crispy pork
This is not our food, call them back, where’s the bill
It’s for someone in the building named Schwartz
They probably got our Chinese food
Everything we ordered greasy good
Sometimes even God gets things the wrong way
Now and then is understood
I’ll get the door, it must be the guy again
To switch bags, give us our proper food
Look it’s the people from 23B
All this time I thought they were kosher too
Come in sit down, we have nice paper plates
We don’t ask, we don’t tell, have some soda
This is our place, yes, we’ve seen you around
We knew your mother, she looked a lot like Yoda
Sunday night Chinese food
Our weekly observant exclusion
God will be happy that we had you in our home
A bashert little Asian confusion
Sunday night
Sunday night
Sunday night
Sunday night