Перевод песни Transplants – Back To You

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You gotta watch where you go and watch what you do
Gotta watch what you say and whom you say to
You gotta watch who you cross and watch all your moves
'cause one day it’ll come back to you
One day this will be over, we’re all gonna be singing the blues
But that day ain’t here yet, no, so we’re going to push it through
This time we’re gonna work it out, now, this time we got it right
This time we’re gonna hold our weapons shooting into the night
I can’t believe that it happened, my friend, oh
Better yet that it’d happen again
I think about the time and the money spent
Too much, too long, too broke to mend
All the choices you make, they were made by yourself
Now once teach you everything of anyone else
I’ve got no more «gives», you’ve got no more «takes»
An if you got no heart, then you’ve nothing to break
Taking down the opposition and whom you’re going against
And what side are you gonna stand in line?
These days are and all I heard ever before
These days are there for my mistakes and who I don’t trust no more