Перевод песни Solas – Far Americay

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I asked what he was thinkin' but he hadn’t much to say
The revelry died down now, we’d reached the break of day
God knows it’s not for glory son, we just have to make some room
Oh my heart will surely break for you, sweet treasure of my womb
With four and twenty shillings we sent him on his way
Now my blood runs through the mountains of Far Americay
From a Rocky Mountain minecamp came a message here tonight
He said the mountain gives him hope these days to break the reach of night
He says to tell the young ones that he seldom sees the moon,
That the noise could wake the dead out there, he’ll send some money soon
But there’s light down in those tunnels, oh it’s gonna be okay
My blood sweats through the mountains of Far Americay.
From a Rocky Mountain minecamp came a letter here today
He says the winds of change are blowin' a little warmer every day
Says he fell in love with Liberty, a girl we all once knew
She comes from good people and he says she loves him, too
That blood ran down those rivers, what a heavy price to pay
So far now from the ocean, in Far Americay
Far Americay
How young love it meanders through Far Americay.