Перевод песни Joshua Mark Carrig, Thomas Cyranowski – Willow's Edge

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Surely they must know that the end is near
The locusts breed, infesting eyes and ears
Civilization lies in ruin beneath a cold sun
The tempest has torn through the world
And my harvest time has come
Starvation is your fate
Your ignorance prevailed, and now it’s too late
One last sacrifice for a withered womb
Her body shall be your tomb
Extinction is on the rise
An offering… before the whole world dies
One last genocide upon the Willow’s Edge
Upon the Willow’s Edge…
Come ever closer and be purified
Absolution is obtained through suicide
Expiation to feed the fields
Coffins forged in factories of steel
(Your) senses too deadened to feel the pain I feel…
My Harvest Time has come…
The world will come undone…
The reaping has begun…
One last offering — let it be done!
So alone… in my bleak eternity
So alone… I must find serenity
It’s the end of all their dreams
They never heard their Mother’s screams
I bring an exit from this world, so obscene
As I reap this Sorrow Seed!
I grant the release from their suffering… the suffering of ignorance
I bring them back to the soil… back to innocence…
So alone… in my bleak eternity
So alone… There is no serenity