Перевод песни Joshua Mark Carrig – Reaping Requiem

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
A gift for humanity
My violent fecundity
The Harvest Time has come to be
I lay the world to rest
Mortals pleading for release
It’s all for the best…
Castigate… the foul flesh of a despotic race
War… feel the blade’s embrace
There is no love that remains for this unworthy disgrace
No… there is no future anymore
You are but husks of what you were before
In my shadow, a procession falls to nevermore
Grown is the Sorrow Seed
Requiem resounding as they bleed
Mortals pleading for release
The Reaping must proceed…
Suffer… for the transgressions and neglect
A pestilence of voracious insects
The salt in the Earth abjures; you shall never resurrect!
Failures… in the eyes of all creation
Cenobites of a profane invasion
There is no salvation; Humanity has chosen extermination!
Part II: Glamour (the Others)
Illusions once pacified men into reverence
When the Gentry protected the forests
How I miss the voices of the Others
The victims of spiritual severance —
Banality — now doomed to rest
Once upon a forgotten time…
Men feared to tread in the dark
Their laws meant nothing to the Others
Now, reason is their crime
And they have left their mark
The Glamour is shed to reveal
The world’s ugliness to be all that is real
I call upon the thorns of the hedge
To join me in mourning and slaughter
By the grace of the Willow’s Edge…
Part III: Silent Slaughter (instrumental)
Part IV: Heralds of Ash
Her blades will till the wasteland
(Her) hatred tends the flames
No longer bound by mortal men’s will
The stars are ours to reign!
We are the Heralds of Ash
Into blackness let this world be cast
Annihilation of the weak
To grant them the solace they seek…
The sands of time have fallen
And the Chaos is crawling
This is all that remains
Fettered roots are my veins — the earth is mine to reign
Part V: Respite
And so, as the cradle comforts the bones
I stand alone
This guardian can finally fade away
Know that even as my colors fade to gray
I am filled with respite to share this wedding grave