Перевод песни Joshua Mark Carrig, Thomas Cyranowski – Demeter's Reckoning

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Once upon a time…*
When I seeped with wisdom
Nestled deep in your earth
Nurturing mankind from its birth
Your weeds have borne steel
And I weep for your hunger
As your forces grow stronger
It is I who remember your crimes…
To the blasted fields and wilted air
To a fallen future and a fate laid bare
And you would gouge your own Mother from within
To beget dust and skeletons
I watch you betray yourselves…
And She is too withered to care
Once upon a time…
They beseeched me for guidance
Groveled on their knees
For the wisdom of trees
Now I reap their disease!
Their pitiful defiance
These dregs of science
In sorrow and hatred entwined…
Decrepit crops unsought by mankind
Scarecrows laid bare for the starving soil
You would choke willingly upon your Mother’s ashes
And rue in millennia of Reckoning