Перевод песни Jeremy Edler, Peter Flickinger, Shane Schickowski – The Willing Martyr

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Will not fear the bullet
The venom aimed at my heart
Or what they can do to me
I’ve heard the mocking noises
The soft and whispering voices
Which speak their ill of me
With one more breath I will continue
To speak of what I have no shame
And if they stop my voice from singing
It’s a song we will continue another day
Their ears erase every word
Insisting none need to be heard
Can’t believe that this is
Never to be spoken
Some things just cannot wait
It’s all the same to them
The price we pay for the mark we miss
Or the song of hope salvation gives
Nothing is important
It’s all the same to them
Some things
Are too important to miss
But it’s all the same to them
The same to them