Перевод песни Alex Vertel, Dmitry Basik – Let It Burn

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Did you see the rays of light? Light turning black to white
Or did you keep your eyes still closed, looking your own way?
Did you hear the tolling bell when heavens turned to hell?
Or did you keep your ears closed living your own day?
Did you scent the smell of flame? Or did it smell the same
With the scent of your daydreaming, sweet illusions guile?
Did you taste the taste of hope that turned to hangman’s rope?
Or did you keep your lips still closed in a foolish smile?
And I tried to scream and cry — you wouldn’t listen, not listen
And I tried to wonder why — I got no reason, no reason
And I tried to understand it was not season, my season
So I’ve torn out burning heart to see it freezing…
Oh, let it burn, let it burn! Burn for ages
Oh let it turn, let it turn, turn to ashes
Now, when it’s gone — no return, nothing matters
Oh, let it burn, let it burn while the world is turning on
Did you cry when world crashed down? Or were you not around?
With the feelings locked in prison, in your own cell
Did you care, just ever care? Or you just stood and stared
Hiding from your own reflection, from your own self
The world is turning and so my heart is burning
So, tell me should I try?
Forever strangers, oh will I understand you
With all your reasons why?
Did you ever cry when I cried, when I cried?
Did you ever stay by me side, by my side?
Did you ever feel what I felt when it died?
Did you ever care? Did you dare? Or you lied?
Just being on the other side…