Перевод песни Adam Richard Busch, Allison Beth Goertz, Brian Scott Speiser – Paging Mr. Herman

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There is a place I can go when I’m dreary
A home of a friend that makes me feel good
Within this space I am suddenly cheery
I’m happy, warm and understood
Let’s connect the dots with the Magic Screen
Get lost in watts of our Majesty
The King of Cartoons
Will take us soon
To a land we can make believe
Let’s go play fetch with our good friend¬¬ Pterri
Throw it far and watch him soar
Where would I be without my pal, Chairy?
Probably on the floor
Now Conky will teach us the secret word
We’ll scream real loud every time it’s heard
No salesman today
It’s the playhouse gang
And they are ready to play
But what’ll happen if
I don’t get my wish
What if I can’t be seen again
And I lose all my friends
I can be… fooled. by randy
Only so many times
Before being brought back to cool cat
Dirty dog and chicky baby’s rhymes
Passed Mr. Window
And far beyond Globy
I’m told I’m too old for pretend
But here, in the playhouse that never outgrows me,
I’ll always have my friends
So Please cowboy Curtis
And Miss Yvonne if you’ve heard us
Pick up the picture phone
I’m paging mr. herman
Mr. herman you have a call,
please answer cuz I’m headed home