Перевод песни Adam Richard Busch, Allison Beth Goertz, Brian Scott Speiser – Tonight

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You’ve had enough
of your 9−5
so grab your stuff
and you start to drive
cause tonight you will play
in a new founded campaign
where you dont have to think of home
just of princesses and thrones
yes tonight, you’re with friends
and until this journey ends
you are braver and stronger
why can’t this night last longer
youve got the snacks
theyve got the die
you roll your stats as they get high
rolled three 18's
your lucky night
you hope you will get in a fight
and oh, there will be blood spilled
oh, there will be orcs killed
by your hand
guards come fast, you take them on
with fiery blast you move along
you were lied to by a spy
you lose a friend you want to cry
until you hear a sound in the distance
that pulls you back into your own existence
you count chip bags on the floor
your friends divide the gold you’ll store.
and while the DM calculates
you think about your player’s traits
he’s strong, charismatic
and he doesn’t look like you
being brave’s not problematic
when your AC’s 22
but tonight you fought well
and you don’t let yourself dwell
on your burdens
your workday
how could you when there are dragons to slay