Перевод песни Adam Richard Busch, Allison Beth Goertz, Brian Scott Speiser – Comedians

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It is not my fault
That I like Patton Oswalt
It is not a crime
That I’ve got Rob Huebel on my mind
and if it’s wrong
don’t tell me how
cause I’m not gonna stop like Judd Appatow
Cause I am a girl who is in
love with comedians
My first crush was Pee Wee Herman
and now I’m on to Eugene Mirman
I don’t know how it happened so fast
but I’ve got feelings for Martin Starr
and they’re gonna last
Tell me it’s okay to like Louis CK
All of my friends call me «Smeagol»
Cause I’m looking for a ring from Jason Segel
It’s not the money that turns me on
I’m not interested in Benjamins
except for H. Jon
No I’m just a girl who is in love with comedians
I want Andy Daly nightly
Would Paul Scheer come near if I asked him politely
Will my salad ever get tossed
by David Cross?