Перевод песни Public Enemy – Death Of A Carjacka

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I’m keepin' a cool head, smart and calculated
Tell the skinheads what I said and they hate it
One dumb move they make a mistake, a turnover
And it’s over
Shoulda thought silly rabbit, those habits a-getcha
Runnin whitcha life
So what some sucker snuck inside a knife
But I’m checkin' it out back from afar you know
Theyll never know I’m backin' up and jettin' to my car
Before they steal it, watch me ride an wheel it
Ooh child, here it comes now (I can feel it)
Inspiration from the situation
Flowing to what I know an…
This ain’t nothin' but another headline statistic
Two brothers, but one went ballistic
Now I’m chillin' beside my ride, pulled over the side
Five-O ran a check, now how the hell am I suspect?