Перевод песни Mark Owen – Raven

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
All the gods came too when you wake up There were more numbers than what we thought
Couldn’t keep track so they gave us all a name
Saw a young shadow dancing in the street
Knew that someday she will comfort me When the day’s labor is done we’ll meet again
And we don’t want much that we don’t have now
We could ask for more but we don’t know how
It’s a choice we made, it’s the life we know
When my raven calls and it’s time to go Every idea has a starting place
Nothing begins in an empty space
I can go far when I look into your heart
Kiss you once more and we don’t come back
Heard you’ve been hanging about in black
If we leave now we’ll be home before it’s dark
It’s a lonely way but it’s all we know
When my raven calls and it’s time to go
(Chorus x2)
My love is a raven
And she’s more than enough
Tell my love if you see her
She’s my raven and she’s loved