Перевод песни Hawthorne Heights – Golden Parachutes

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
When the cold and the dark collide
There’ll be nothing left for us to hide
And as we search for the other side
We’ll fighting another war inside
As the white flags begin to fly
Still fight until we…
Die for the golden parachutes
It isn’t your life that’s left to lose
Because you gave it all away
What else can I say
In a world that’s upside down
Where were you when I hit the ground?
In a world that’s upside down
This will all come back around
You’ll be on your own
You’ll be all alone
When this all comes back around
When the cities have turned to dust
There’ll be nothing left for us to trust
And as we search through the ash and rust
We will be fighting another war in disgust