Перевод песни Hong Kong Fever – Straight Out Of Canton

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MSG In The House And We’re Feelin' Really Hot
Yeah, East Side Chinatown Bitch
You Gonna Die
Just Comin' Out The Ghetto With An Egg Roll
Got A .57 Magnum Feelin' Loco
And You Know
I Never Go — Solo
Got Your Homie Funky Buddha And Your Boy D-Lo
I Am The Man
Hong Kong Fever The Son Of Sam
Try To Catch Me If You Can
I Killed Ten People With A Frying Pan
Three Boys We Deliver
To The Highest Bidder
We’re Not Three’s Company
I Ain’t Jack Tripper
But I Do Like The Sexy Ladies
Always Gonna Drive Me Crazy
Cuz Pretty Girls Will Get You Flustered
See A Fine Bitch Yo — Don’t Trust Her
Baby Gonna Try To Play Me Buster
You Messin Wit' Da Og Hustler
We Jack You Up
Shake You Down
Take You On Down To Chinatown
Light It Up
Hit The Ground
Just Another Day In Chinatown
We’re Feelin' Real Hot Tonight
All The Ladies Lookin' Hot And Tight
Want Beef With Us Get Wokked That’s Right
Straight Out Of Canton — Stand Up And Fight
Down-Lo Mein Is My Name And I Come From Taiwan
Bust A Cap In Yo Ass For Fun
I Rock The Mic Cuz I Am Da Bomb
I Like The Ladies With The Big Wontons
Just Look At The Muscleman
That I Am
Only Five-Foot Seven
But I Got The Big Plan
I’m Pimpin' And I’m Mackin' People Think I’m Actin'
Always Gonna Bring It To The Ladies I’m Attractin'
Downtown — Let’s Go
Always Runnin' From The
New York — Five-0
Yeah We Ain’t Ever Gonna Stop — Oh No
Together Like Beef And Tomato
Comin' Fresh Off The Boat And Livin' On The Street
We’re Marching To Our Own Beat
Don’t Give A Damn What Other People Eat
We’re Crazy
Just Gimme Duck Sauce And A Bowl Of Chicken Feet
Breakin' Every Rule Makin' People Say What?
We Got Our Own Style Gonna Take It To The Top
Wanna Throw Down You Gonna Go Toe-Up
We Are The MSG And We’re Feelin' Really Hot
When I’m In The Hood Don’t Ever Turn Your Back
Roll' Up On Your Ass And I’m Pullin Out My Gat
I’m A O. G — Straight Up
I Got A Lotta Flava In My Tea Cup
Get Ready For A Beatdown
In Bucktown
'cause You’re Talkin To The King Of
Of Tha Chinatown
Gonna Take You To Tha Dogg Pound
Go 12 Rounds
Just Place Your Order And We Take It To Your House
Word Up — To Your Mother
Funky Buddha In The House Muthasucka
Just Roll With Us — Roll With Us
Smoke A Bowl With Us
If You Wanna Get High Smoke An Egg Roll With Us
Let’s Get Loud
And Take It The House
We Rock The Ice When We Cruise Around Town
Pass The Chronic And My 40 Ounce
We Take A Big Hit And It’s Time To Bounce
Oh Yeah (We're Feelin' Really Hot)
Everybody In The House (We're Feelin' Really Hot)
Break It Down C’mon Break It On Down
My Bruthas And Sistas
You Can’t Stop Us
We’re Gonna Rock
From Dawn
To Dusk
Because We Are
The Three Crazy Homies
Recognize The Notorious MSG