Перевод песни Colton Place – Got That Feelin'

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Pacific Dub
Got That Feelin'
You’ve got these good vibrations
Like you are losing your mind
You say we got that loving feeling
Within yourself you’ve got to find
Deep in your soul you feel the music
The peace of mind your searching for
Hold on tight, don’t want to lose it
You’ll soon be searching for more
There’s something 'bout this stage and studio
That makes me feel at home
There’s something 'bout these herbal remedies
That chills me deep into my bones
This is what we call art and
We came here to get you lifted
We’ve been brothers from the start and
We don’t know any difference
All these thoughts up in my head
I just forget them in a minute
Now my brain is going dead
And I know I’m so up in it
If you sit back and mellow out then I
I think that I could finally hit it
Just kick reality out
And let the dream set in it