Перевод песни Todd Kerns – Magdalena

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Alone adrift at see you found the likes of me
So much more lost than you could be
Now I float along with you and I do what I can do
Not to drag you down with me
A storm’s a coming there ain’t nothing we can do
It’s tearing me from you
Magdalena all the stars
They shine at night for you
And all you do
Magdalena in the dark
None shine as bright as you
It’s your move, Magdalena
Now we float til we can fly
It’s the fear that gets you high and the pain that makes you safe
I try to catch your fall but you never hear me call
You wouldn’t answer anyway
Kick and scream until it gets the best of you
It’s all that you can do
When she says, «love don’t like me»
It’s always well rehearsed
She loves no one she’s in love with love
She’ll attack long before there’s a chance of being hurt
Cuz sometimes love is not enough
Now you only come to me in dreams
At your leisure so it seems
Is it any wonder I don’t sleep
Are you back adrift at sea looking for a fool like me
To save you from the deep?
The storm is over, baby
Where the hell are you?
You should’ve taken me too