Перевод песни Eddie Oropeza, Jason Schwartz, Jeff Salisbury, Ryan Blank – The Losing Race

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Tired with being compared to you
Just a reject from your point of view
«Wasting your time», is what you say
But at least I can say I did it my way
I’ll take my chances on my own
Face these obstacles alone
Won’t stay on track, won’t keep the pace
I won’t compete in your losing race
A career, a home, and a wife
How’s it feel to be living the life?
You grew up too fast, trying to please
Only to die bitter and unhappy
My aim is different, but my goals are right
I don’t need to defend myself or pick a fight
After you’ve gone to be all you can be
I’ll still be here and I’ll still be me
The losing race
I’ll try my best, but it just won’t do
Because I’ll never be as good as you
I’ll just have to find my own way through