Перевод песни Edoardo maria antonini – First Night

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Don’t ya think, let it be…
We’ll fly another time for this I don’t regret
All that had been broken
Don’t ya think, let it be…
We used to be pals now there’s nothing and no one
Never made us so damned close
Power of Love, Power of Lunacy
All now is clearer, all now is gloomier
My first night without you must fall
Coming to the North
My first night without you must fall
Coming to the North, pushed against the Wall
Floating in the air, my heart still wanders in the Storm
Don’t ya think… It's not right
There’s nothing you can do but now you have to see…
That we’ve been given a gift
Don’t ya think… It’s not right
Staying side but side is like a falling star
Much too close and much too far
But now I feel the dark behind me
And now, I’m gonna trust my soul…