Перевод песни Spitfire – Parting

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During that last hour between here and there
She said thank you for being with me but I've got to be there
We're sittin' on the floor and I hold your hand
Already feel the loneliness I hope it's not the end
Airplanes and stations are gonna make me die
Gates are closed you're leaving and I can only stand by
Wish I had wings so I could fly alone
There are so many things we haven't done
I didn't say goodbye forever
I hope you will leave me never
I don't want to go out tonight I'm so bored with friends
Since she's gone I don't feel alright
I wanna hold her hands
I wish I could write it
Better that it seems
Or paint her picture
In fading colors
In my dreams
Lovers leave aech other
Every day and night
Distance slowly kills their love
But they've got to fight
They might understand
Parting's not the end
They've got to live in hope
To see each other again