Перевод песни Bon Jovi – Thorn In My Side

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Thorn in my side
You’re always there
Just to remind me
That I still care
Thorn in my side
You won’t let me go
Right there beside me
To let me know
I’ve been pushed around
Been knocked down
Lost a round or three
Life took a couple of things I loved
When I was too blind to see
But I’ll survive
I gave up on luck but I’m still getting by
Yeah I’m going to be alright
You can test my faith
But you can’t take my pride
Thorn in my side, thorn in my side, ooooah
Thorn in my side
You just won’t quit
Once in a while when I crack a smile
You rub my face in it
Thorn in my side
You won’t let me run
God bless the fights
That I’ve lost and won
Thorn in my side, wooah, wooooahh ohhh
Wooah oh oh, woooah oh ohhhh