Перевод песни Samantha Cole – Without You

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Never even thought to cry
When I heard you say good-bye
Never said where you were going
There's no laughter in the air
Only silence everywhere
And so much left unspoken
Since you've been gone
I haven't been the same
I wish that I could see
Who's to blame
Without you, where do I belong?
Without you, how can I go on?
No love but yours will ever do Tell me how am I supposed to live my life without you?
Was I lost in you and me To the point I couldn't see
That what we had was dying
Now it's all that I can do To see photographs of you
And stop myself from cryin'
I should learn to live without your love
Got so many memories, but it's not enough
Repeat Chorus
I feel helpless and oh so all alone
Like I've never felt before
You made me feel alive
But I don't remember what it's like anymore
Repeat Chorus