Перевод песни Scott Walker – Such A Small Love

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Mist falls and his voice cracks from the morning
Flowers and my body feels like lead
Someone should have stopped the birds from singing today
Hammers from striking nails into clay
Her face penetrates the blue gray morning
Her eyes pregnant pools produce a tear
Someone should have shouted you had gone in her ear
That summer was stolen away
Such a small love
Such a little tear
You would laugh so loud
If you could see us here
With my one suit
Badly pressed and worn
Like a child left
In the world alone
He speaks I don't hear a word he's saying
Hang on to the pine trees and the snow
Reach out grab the memories that are left for your hand
They'll help you get by for a while
Such a small love
Such a little tear
Is this all that's left
On your cheek so pale
His shallow half lit eyes
His rotted teeth grown on
Our drunken madman nights
Ending up in jail
Midnight mornings
Drenched in day-glo red
Words colliding
Things we left unsaid
Perfumed pillows
Girls that clung so near
Such a small love
Such a little tear