Перевод песни The Beautiful South – We Are Each Other

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There's no more little secrets we haven't yet disclosed
We bore the living daylights of anyone too close
And all our cards at Christmas are written to us both
Count them up, who's got the most?
Said we'd be close
Said we'd work perfectly
Said that we'd toast
Beautiful company
Closer than a sister to her baby brother
Closer than a cat to the child that she'll smother
It's too close for another, it's too close for a lover
We are each other, we are each other
We've been through all positions and this one's definitely best
You move Middle East and I'll move Wild West
What happened to our friendship we could easily have guessed
Add it up, we're self-possessed
Said we'd be true
Said we'd be so, so proud
Just me and you
We'd shout it out aloud
Remember we went shopping and we went by piggyback
I shaved all my legs and you grew hairs upon your back
Well no-one's ever been since to this lover's shack
It's a cul-de-sac