Перевод песни Mr Hudson – Instant Messenger

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So you found our love in the warm Pacific spray,
'Cos I left our love in the desert
to fend for itself. (I thought it better that way)
Did you get my text?
Did I get my thoughts thru?
It’s hard to see things clearly
thru the gossip and the gloom.
I’m gonna blind our love with the paparazzi flash.
I’m gonna squash our love like an economic crash.
Did you get my text?
Did I make myself clear?
It’s getting hard to see this thru the gossip and the beer.
They say «Boy you’ve changed.»
well I say «You've changed too.»
Follow me up the alps,
I’ve got things to do
«Scatter the ashes here»
Didn’t you get my text?
Didn’t that get thru?
It’s hard to make myself clear thrut the gossip and the beer.
Will you follow me to LDN where I know the streets?
I don’t need reinforcements cos you won’t know where I live.
Didn’t you get my message? did the text not get thru?
It’s getting hard to see these days thru the gossip and
the gloom, the beery gloom.