Перевод песни сборник – Javert At The Barricade/Little People/The First Attack

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Listen my friends, I have done as I said,
I have been to their lines, I have counted each man,
I will tell what I can.
Better be ware they have armies to spare, and our danger is real.
We will need all our cunning to bring them to heel.
Have faith,
if you know what their movements are we'll spoil their game.
There are ways that a people can fight.
We shall overcome their power!
I have overheard their plans,
There will be no attack tonight.
They intend to starve you out before they start a proper fight.
Concentrate their force, hit us when it's light.
Good evening dear inspector, lovely evenin' my dear.
I know this man, my friends, his name's inspector Javert.
So don't believe a word he says 'cause none of it's true.
This only goes to show what little people can do.
Bravo little Gavroche, your the top of the class!
So what are we gonna do with this snake in the grass?
Take this man and throw him to the tavern in there.
The people will decide your fate, Inspector Javert.
Shoot me now, or shoot me later
Every schoolboy to his sport, death to each and every traitor,
I renounce your people's court.
Take this man, bring him through, there is work we have to do.
REBEL (yells):
There's a boy climbing the barricade!