Перевод песни сборник – Lovely Ladies

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I smell women smell 'em in the air
Think I'll drop my anchor in the harbor over there
Lovely ladies smell 'em through the smoke
Seven days at sea can make you hungry for a poke
Even stokers need a little stoke
Lovely ladies waiting for a fight
Waiting for the faster ones who only come at night
Lovely ladies ready for the fall
Standing up, or lying down, or any way at all
Bargain prices up against the wall
Lovely ladies waiting in the dark
Waiting for a thick one or a quick one in the park
Long time, short time, any time my dear
Cost a little extra if ya wanna take all year
Quick and cheap is underneath the peir
Lovely ladies fastest on the street
Wasnt in a minute she was back up on her feet
Lovely ladies what ya waiting for
Doesnt take much savy just to be a hoar
Come on lady whats a lady for?
Old, and young, and take 'em as they come
Harbor rats, and alley cats, and every type of scum
Poor men, rich men leaders of the land
See them with their trousers off, they're never quite as grand
All it takes is money in your hand!
Lovely ladies going for a song
Got a lot of callers but they never stay for long
Come on captain, you can wear your shoes
Don't it make a change to have a girl who can't refuse
Easy money lying on a bed
Just as well they never see the hate that's in your head
Don't they know they're making love to one already dead!