Перевод песни Elvis Costello – Fallen

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We was just walking, just smiling and talking
Then add to my surprise, got lost in your eyes
This time they were different, and I found what it meant
After I leaned in, I helplessly fell in
Help me I’ve fallen in love, and now I can’t get up
Somewhere between your lips, is where I think my heart slipped
I tried to catch myself, not even I could have helped myself from
I think that I’m in love
In love and I can’t see, what's happing to me
You blinded my thoughts, from what pain and tears taught
See my hearts been broken before, it don’t trust love anymore
One kiss from you, I just planned myself for i do
Got me hypnotized with your magaic spell, I got butterflies can’t
Control myself
Close my eyes at night and I dream of you, it’s true, don’t know
What to do
Don’t stop now
Since I let you in
You showed me how
You showed me how to love again
I’ve fallen please help me
Got me hypnotized with your magic spell, I think that I’m in love
Close my eyes at night and I dream of you, I think that I’m in love
It’s true, don't know what to do, don't stop now, I can’t get up
Its’s true, don’t know what to do, don’t stop now, I think that I’m in
Love, in love