Перевод песни Deep Purple – Rapture Of The Deep

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I told you once about a place that I had accidentally stumbled upon
Can you imagine how it feels to find somewhere that you can do no wrong
But it’s alright you’re safe in my hands
I’ll meet you in the sky tonight and we will trace some undiscovered stars
We’ll go beyond the universe beyond all understanding, hey, it’s not that far
But if s alright I feel safe in your hands
I can’t stand living this way
Getting by from day to day
I’m drinking from your loving cup
I told you things were looking up
Oh oh oh so good
Oh it feels so good
We’re all the same but then again we’re all quite different in our own peculiar
We’ve come so far and now we’re going through another phase
But it’s alright
We made it so far
As we all know if s hard to breathe when something spiritual has taken place
We don’t know how we don’t know why we’ve been transformed into a state of grace
But it’s alright
We walk in our sleep
Yes it’s alright
This is rapture of the deep