Перевод песни Quincy Jones – I Don't Go For That

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Listen up, he just ran out of time.
There’s no making up, that he took the chance
and stepped across the line
from the the broken heart it left behind.
Now he’s around, he’s got that look again
He heard the sound, of a hungry heart
Just waiting for the fight
Just another day for the change
There’s some that play along
if you know what I mean
Cause there just no way to make him see
When he comes down my way I know the route he’ll take
Tell me like baby please, I’m down on my knees
I don’t go for that
I’m tellin' you that you’re wasting your time
Don’t go for that
Open your heart and show the signs of that
Don’t go for that
You got it all so mixed up in your mind
Don’t go for that
The dude don’t get it, he just don’t get it
I don’t go for that
Leave a man, he saw to much to see
In a world where the lesson is all
life like over do
Don’t that know that’s all he can do
He’s in another place
and I can’t understand
I tried so hard to make him see
He still comes 'round my way
to straighten up his face
Mustering baby please, oh but it’s just a tease
Baby baby I don’t go for that
Baby baby I don’t go for that
Don’t go for that
I don’t go for that
Don’t go for that
Don’t go for that
I don’t go for that