Перевод песни Chico Debarge – Do My Bad Alone

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What is this I’m hearing at the door?
The police said she said That I hit her
I don’t think this relationship’s gon work
Girl this is the worst, in and out of hurt
Can’t you tell she’s lying officer?
He answers, «Watch your head get in the car!»
Why am I the one with all the scars?
He stings me with that thing
And sprays me with some mace
I had enough, I’m tired of fighting
I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired
I’m tired of giving and getting nothing, babe
And I can do bad by myself
Look at me, I am free
And you and me are history
I can’t believe you called the police
Something that you said you would never do
I wish you every good thing on this earth
Girl I don’t wish you pain, don’t wish you hurt
I pray that God bless you with everthing you wish
Like angels from above, may you know His love
I had enough, I’m tired of fighting, baby
I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired
Everytime you drink, I end up hurting, girl
And I can do bad by myself alone
Good bye baby
It’s time to live
I gave you all I could give
Oh well, Whoo!