Перевод песни Tommy Sparks – I'm A Rope

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I’m a bird ;I can fly
I’m a desert; I am dry
I’m a mind; full of junk
I’m a spare; in the trunk
I’m a Rope; hanging high
I’m a hand; on your thigh
I’m a lance; In your ear
I’m the ape; of the year
I am nerves; on the eve
I’m the last; one to leave
I am charming; I am bad
I’m a patient; I am mad
I’m a very; special guy
I’m a suit; I’m a tie
I am clean; I am neat
I am dead; In the street
I’m the thrill; of the ride
I’m a place; where to hide
I’m a wheel; on the road
I’m a wave; in the sea
I am lost; without you
I am drowned; In your mind
I am luck; In a crash
I am fake; I am real
I can win, I can Lose
I can cheat, I can choose
Ahhh Ha
Ahhh Ha
I can steal; I don’t beg
I can move; I can hide
I can Kill; I can love
I can dance; so do we
I can lie; I believe
I can see; I am blind
I can search; I can see
I can fall; I can push
I can win, I can lose
I can cheat, I can Choose
Ahhh Ha
Ahhh Ha
I can face, what you do
I could care, but you dont
Ahhh Ha
Ahhh Ha
So baby words can’t represent us so we can put them all together
Not enough of tiny minds, coz baby we can seem so clever
I heard you leave
You’ve been inbetween
When nothing is
Is what it seems
So maybe words can’t us tear apart, some heads we severed