2020 Jubilee Concert Dedicated to David Oistrakh
2020 500 Jahre Reformation
2020 Вокальный цикл
2018 Chamber Music for Domra and Piano
2018 Archive and Private Recording
2018 Transcriptions for Piano Trio by Theodor Kirchner
2018 Песни и зингферсы разных лет
2018 100th Anniversary of the Shnitke Moscow State University of Music
2017 Песни на стихи русских поэтов
2017 Favourite Russian Songs and Romances
2016 To the Twentieth Anniversary of Cooperation with the Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble
2014 Старинные русские романсы
2014 Arr. for Domra
2013 Arr. for Russian Seven-String Guitar
2013 Arr. for Bayan
2012 Small Hall of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory
2012 Arr. for Trumpet and Piano
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